Discernment and humility

Essential qualities for avoiding life’s pitfalls

July 2nd 2014
In order not to fall into the traps that life inevitably sets for us at some time or another, we must develop two qualities: discernment and humility. Discernment is a quality of the intellect, and humility a quality of the heart. Discernment allows us to tell the true from the false, reality from appearances, in all situations. It shows us which direction to take and helps us to avoid making false moves; it shields us from errors and illusions. As for humility, which is such a neglected, even despised, quality, we can only assess its true value when we understand how dangerous its opposite, pride, is. Pride bars humans from the spiritual world; it cuts the currents that bring them living water from heaven. This is why, as well as needing to cultivate discernment to show us which path to follow, it is also essential that we cultivate humility, which opens us to the currents from above, for these currents are the provisions that sustain us on life’s paths.