How to make it alive in us

July 3rd 2014
You love nature; you are always discovering new splendours in it that you never tire of admiring. But what you may not know is that you can also relate to it through your thoughts and your love, so that it opens up to you. When you are walking toward a river, a lake, a forest, a mountain, stop for a moment and raise your hand in greeting. They will respond to your greeting in their own way, and something inside of you will become more harmonious, brighter and lighter, simply because you decided to greet living nature and the creatures that inhabit it. And now pick a stone up from the path and stroke it lovingly: the entity living in it will accept your love, will resonate in unison with you and love you too. It is not enough just to say that nature is alive; you also have to learn what to do for this life to become a reality in you. The day you are able to have a conscious relationship with creation, you will no longer feel alone or poor, for divine life will come to fill you with its blessings.