Desire for immortality

Is based on the awareness that we are inhabited by spirit

July 7th 2014
Death is a change of state that allows us to know regions which we cannot access while confined in our physical body. Living on earth and living in the world beyond are both necessary experiences for our evolution, which is why we come, then we leave… then we come back again… The human longing for immortality is not a pipe dream; it is based on reality. But because people do not know what is immortal in them, most of them cling as hard as they can to physical life. However, the physical body has not been given immortal life, and they will only feel immortal once they learn to infuse their thoughts, feelings and behaviour with the life of the spirit. That is where immortal life is to be found. Those who live the life of the spirit and who have truly understood what the life of the spirit is do not fear death. They are aware that the riches they have amassed in their heart and soul will never leave them. On the contrary, they know they will find them magnified in the world beyond, since that is where we all originate from.