Which we gain simply by sharing our peace and joy

July 8th 2014
Thanks to their support and advice, friends can be an invaluable help in life’s difficulties. But it is not sensible to go running to them or to call them each time you have reason to be sad, disappointed or dissatisfied. Even if you feel a bit better afterwards, it is short-lived, because you have not done any real inner work to resolve the problems. At the first opportunity you fall back into the same negative states. So not only have you poisoned others, but you have not improved anything for yourself. Something or someone has annoyed you? Stay quietly at home, concentrate on the light, pray, sing, listen to music… Or else, go out for a walk in the street or in nature, and don’t interact with anyone until you feel able to offer them something positive and constructive. If you made a habit of observing yourself, you would see you rather tend to do the opposite: when things are going badly, you run to this or that person to share your troubles with them, and when they are going well you have nothing to tell them. Well, from now on, think of sharing only good things with those around you – your peace and joy – and that will make you even lighter and freer.