A feast the angelic beings are invited to

July 9th 2014
The only way to attract angelic beings and keep them with us is to create a very pure atmosphere around us. One of the best times for doing this is while the sun is rising. As the sun climbs above the horizon, it changes colour. First it is red, then orange, then yellow, and depending on the quality of the air it can take on shades of green, blue and violet, and finally it becomes white, incandescent. And so, as it rises in the sky, it sings the whole scale of colours. Yes, it sings, since each colour emits a sound. And what a symphony there is when it reaches dazzling white! If you can learn to take part inwardly in dawn’s arrival, you will sense, in this symphony and burst of light, that your aura is becoming purer, stronger and vibrating more intensely. It sends signals to the angelic beings, who sense they are invited to a celebration. They respond to your invitation, and like all guests who come to a celebration, they bring you presents.