Must not depend on the opinion of others

July 11th 2014
There are men and women who do not find their place in society: they feel ignored, looked down on and, above all, useless, which is one of the worst kinds of suffering there is. So how are they going to make use of their energies? Since they are not given the opportunity to build anything, the only thing left for them to do is destroy everything they can around them. It is not that they have a particularly nasty nature, but when people feel unfairly treated, ignored, unrecognized, they are tempted to attract attention through violence. And that way they obviously get noticed. But for what gain? Being sensitive to other people’s views and opinions is not wrong in itself. However, a person’s self-esteem and their sense of self-worth should never depend on another’s view or opinion, but on their awareness of the work they are secretly doing in their heart for the good of the whole world. So, even if society does not seem to need you, do not let it upset you: you will always find a place here or there to do something useful, good and beautiful. And whether you are recognized or not, you will feel you are blossoming.