Young people

The experiences they should favour

July 12th 2014
Young people are curious and daring, to the point where they throw themselves fearlessly into adventures that can harm their physical and psychological health. And when parents and wiser adults try to hold them back, they do not listen: what is it with these narrow-minded, silly, old people, who want to stop them having experiences and getting to know life? Getting to know life… The young do not know that, in order to know what true life is, there are other experiences they can have, different from the ones where they imagine they will live more intensely. And when they do know, having read about it in books, the fact that other people – philosophers, sages, saints – have had these experiences is sufficient for them. They may admire these characters and even be able to quote them, but there is no way they will imitate them! They prefer to imitate those who have burnt their wings as a result of excesses of all kinds. Well, it would be preferable if they made do with quoting all those who have come to a bad end in pathetic adventures (literature and history are full of them) and tried to live the experiences of those who have been able to find the path of light and true love.