Spring (a)

A symbol of love, which we must always allow to well up inside us

July 14th 2014
A spring – what a profound and meaningful symbol! Why? Because it never stops welling up and flowing. And the spring within us that must never stop welling up and flowing, pure and transparent, is love. Whatever happens to us and whatever others do to us, we must never let our spring run dry. So many people choose to close themselves to others when they discover they have been deceived! Never do that. Before, when you were unaware that you were being deceived, at least your spring was flowing and you were the first to benefit from the love welling up inside you. Obviously I am not advising you to be naïve or blind. On the contrary, try as much as possible to see people for what they are. But if you are deceived, tell yourself it is not that serious. What is serious is no longer having any love inside you. Whatever disappointments, bitterness or difficulties you experience, let your spring flow: this is what will give you your joy, inspiration and strength back.