Only one criterion: altruism

July 15th 2014
For many people, purity is a marvellous state for which they feel nostalgic, because they associate it with childhood, with the lost innocence they will never find again. And since it is permanently lost, they tell themselves it is not worth thinking about. Well, on the contrary, it is worth thinking about, for purity is actually not a childhood quality but something quite different. Purity is everything inspired by our higher nature, and impurity everything inspired by our lower nature. The lower nature, fed by selfish, base desires, pushes people to make decisions and go in directions that harm others as well as themselves. That is impurity; no need to go looking elsewhere. Purity and impurity are therefore mainly a question of intention, of aim. Intentions and aims are what make actions either pure or impure. Those who work altruistically, who look to the interest of everyone in whatever they undertake, are pure. So if you sincerely seek purity, ask yourself how you can give greater expression to your higher nature.