Living it as if it could be our last day

July 16th 2014
In the morning when you wake up, it is the beginning of a new day; try to be really conscious of how important this is. Here is a method to help you: act as if this day was to be your last. Some will say that this amounts to living with the constant thought of death, which is awful. No, living each day as if it were our last steers us not towards death but towards life. It is those who behave frivolously and carelessly, as if they had the whole of eternity ahead of them, who are heading for death, because they are wasting their life. When sages advise us to live each day as if it might be our last, they only wish to encourage us to make today more useful, more beautiful and more precious than yesterday. We do not really need to believe that it will be our last; it is simply a method for teaching us to live today to the full.