Situation of others

Try to find out before judging them

July 18th 2014
People are so caught up in their own interests and personal worries that they do not spontaneously enter into the situation of those around them or of those they may meet. This is how so many errors of judgment and so much injustice and cruelty arise. So try to be more thoughtful. When you are about to give your opinion of someone, ask yourself what you know of their situation. Before criticizing and accusing them, make an effort at least for a few minutes to put yourself in their place: you might then realize that, if you were in their situation, you would behave ten times worse than them. Perhaps you don’t feel this matter is worth considering. Do this exercise particularly with people you can’t stand and who you are always ready to blame. Gradually you will find their behaviour more understandable; you will begin to feel some interest in them and maybe even a certain liking for them. In this way you will acquire qualities of discernment, patience and generosity, which they will certainly benefit from, but you yourself will benefit first and foremost.