Smiling to yourself

An educational method

July 19th 2014
Have you already experienced the power smiling has? Suppose you feel disappointed, you encounter a difficulty, something annoys you, or someone has hurt you, etc. Instead of giving way to irritation or discouragement, try using the method of smiling. You will say, ‘The smiling method? What’s that? Smiling at other people?’ No, not necessarily. Even if you are alone, try smiling, like that, to show yourself you are above all life’s little drawbacks. Tell yourself that deep down you are invulnerable, immortal and eternal. And when you pass a mirror give yourself a smile. To begin with it may be a bit of a grimace, but what does that matter? It’s already a start! Once you’ve decided to be in a good mood and see events in perspective, you will manage to overcome your irritation more easily.