Purifying ourselves

So that our light can merge with divine light

July 20th 2014
Light is the very essence of the universe, and by working with our thoughts we can extract a few particles from it and assimilate them into our own substance. We find this light in the sun especially, but also in the air, in water and in all the foods we use to nourish ourselves with each day. Once we possess a little of this light, we have the potential to magnify it. How? By making it merge with divine light. This merging is what it longs for more than anything. But there are certain conditions: in our soul, the path that leads to divine light has to be cleared of all impurity, as impurities prevent merging from taking place. By purifying ourselves we dispel the obstacles that separate our light from the light of God, until one day they become one single light, and then nothing will be able to separate them.