Living creatures we can speak to

July 21st 2014
Everything around us is alive – be aware of this and pay attention to plants, animals and even stones. While you are out walking in nature, if you pass a rock, stop, caress it and say to it, ‘Continue to be patient; one day you will be set free from this prison.’ And it will be grateful for your kind words. For there is a being held captive in it, waiting for this block of stone to be broken into pieces so that it can find freedom again. Yes, it is easier for fragments of stone to evolve: gradually, they become material that can be assimilated by the plant kingdom. And you can also say to this rock, ‘I admire your resistance; you have been here for centuries, exposed to rain, frost, extreme heat, and you bear it without complaining. Give me a little of your resistance and solidity.’ If you repeat this exercise often with love and confidence, the resistance and stability that rocks possess will also become a part of you, and you will then be able to manifest them in your life.