Of light-filled moments that we can recall in ourselves

July 25th 2014
The slightest thing that happens to us in our life is recorded within us: encounters, experiences, everything is kept on record, providing us with extraordinary possibilities, for then all we have to do is relive them as often as we wish. Even the most destitute creature has had a few moments of joy in their life, and they can recall them to counteract the thoughts and feelings that overwhelm them. Why should they just keep brooding on their disappointments and sorrows? You must have experienced those wonderful states of consciousness where, at least for a few seconds, you understood that life can be light, peace, beauty, love, fulfilment… Even if at present you are lost in despair, those moments are not erased; you can recall them and feel the benefit of their vibrations coursing through you. Go back to them often… remember the place, the circumstances, and try to retrieve the same thoughts, the same feelings, the same sensations. Gradually you will have the impression you are living these states once more, with the same intensity as if you were experiencing them here and now. Objective reality is not what is most important: what is important is what you manage to create within yourself.