The attention and respect adults must show them

July 26th 2014
The life of an infant still remains a great mystery. We should protect very young children as much as possible, maintaining an atmosphere of harmony and purity around them for their protection, even while they are asleep, as they are receptive to all the currents surrounding them. Their astral body is asleep, and they have not yet taken possession of their mental body, but their etheric body is actively working and absorbs the currents and elements in the psychic atmosphere. If parents pay attention to the atmosphere they create around their child, the child will later be well-equipped, able to face the shocks and harshness of life. When a child comes into the world, the parents do not know the nature of the spirit that lives inside it. They must tell themselves that this child does not belong to them, that he or she is a son or daughter of God, for whom they have simply provided a body as a home. And those who have contact with children should also behave with care and respect so as to protect them. They must tremble at the thought that they may become guilty of destroying something in the child’s soul by speaking or behaving badly. Adults who do not respect children will one day be punished by heaven, and heaven’s punishments are terrible.