The only times we have the right

July 28th 2014
Before you criticize someone, start by taking a realistic look at yourself. Why? Because we only have the right to criticize a weakness in others if we have managed to conquer it in ourselves. Each time you judge someone, you yourself are judged. By whom? By your conscience, your inner jury. An inner voice arises to ask you, ‘Are you so sure, when you judge in that way, that you don’t have the same failing in some way? If you are already guilty of this weakness, why add to it with your lack of indulgence and lack of love? Do you not sense that you are losing something precious in your heart and soul?’ This is the punishment inflicted on those who judge others when they have no right to: light leaves them. And if some say they have never heard this voice, it is because they have done everything to become deaf to its comments and counsel. If they paid more attention, they would hear it.