The link between beings and things in the cosmic structure

July 31st 2014
We have nothing to reproach scientists for when they describe minerals, vegetables, animals or human beings. What they say is true, but it is only a partial truth. For the truth to be complete, they would have to place the object of their study back into the context of universal life where it belongs. When stones, plants, animals and humans are dissociated from this life, they are deprived of what is most important; beings and things do not exist separately but as interconnected parts of a whole. So we need to learn to place them within the cosmic structure to see how they vibrate in harmony and play their part in the life of the whole. If we have no option but to study them separately for the sake of convenience, we must also try to understand that there is a certain ‘something’ circulating between them that they do not possess when separate – namely, life. Separate the elements, and life stops; but reconnect them to all the other elements on earth and in heaven, and life reappears, and you have true knowledge. Whatever field you work in, the most important thing is to place life at its centre, so that you see your activity in its greatest possible dimension. From then on, any studies you undertake will benefit from this insight.