A word to keep within us as a tuning-fork for resonating with cosmic life

August 1st 2014
Place the word ‘harmony’ at the very centre of your life; keep it within you as a kind of tuning-fork, and as soon as you feel a bit worried or upset, take this tuning-fork and listen to it, to bring your whole being into harmony with boundless, cosmic life. Let the notion of harmony gradually infuse all your cells! Through harmony we attract the spirits of light to us from the invisible world, and they become our friends and never leave us again. It is often hard to free ourselves from dark spirits, but the spirits of light are every bit as tenacious. Why would friends not be as tenacious and obstinate as enemies? They come to support us, to enlighten us, to advise us, and if we follow their advice we are always truly inspired. This is why even in the worst of situations we should not despair: one day, things will turn to our advantage, because we have been truly inspired. So there is nothing more important than cultivating this state of harmony to attract our friends from the invisible world.