Symbol for our lower nature

May 11th 2011
From the initiatic point of view, the horse is a symbol for our lower nature, our personality, which expresses itself through the physical, astral and mental bodies. The work of the disciple consists, first and foremost, in exercising control over their horse – or, more precisely, their three horses. To do so, they must know how to hold the reins properly. What are the reins? The fluidic links the rider establishes between themselves and their three horses, in order to be able to control them and lead them in the right direction. For the three horses to obey and walk together in harmony, they should also be well fed with the right foods. The physical horse, the body, needs healthy, fresh food, as well as exercises to make it strong. The astral horse, the heart, needs purity, love and gentleness. As for the mental horse, the mind, its only food should be wisdom and light.