Force (sexual)

Mastering it helps to awaken our higher faculties

August 3rd 2014
We receive our life from God, but we can only fully benefit from his riches if we learn to return life to him, for he is the source of life. And when I say God here, I mean the highest part of our being. It requires great knowledge to direct energies upwards to feed the cells of the brain, and if there is one area where knowledge is necessary, it is sexuality. All the instructions given by initiates regarding the mastery of sexual force are not intended to stifle humans by depriving them of pleasures they, of course, have the right to enjoy. When they teach that sexual energies can be sublimated, it is because they know there are other possible means of expression apart from the ones down below. If men and women understand these energies and work with them properly, they can use them to awaken higher faculties, allowing them to carry out spiritual work of the greatest importance, and it is then that they will taste true joy.