A rest that allows us to do another kind of work

August 6th 2014
If most people come back from their holidays not feeling really rested, it is because they have spent them being lazy or in pleasures that eat away at their physical and psychological energies. They are unaware that true rest is simply a change of activity. And any rest in which the spirit does not have its say opens the door to harmful advice from one’s lower nature. Why not take advantage of the holiday period by taking a break to find yourself again? Throughout the year you accumulate so many concerns and activities that overload and weigh down and darken your life. So take a moment to analyse the direction you are going in, the activities you are engaged in, and do your best to continue only with what is consistent with your spiritual work. Also go back over particular events you have experienced during the previous months, particular encounters you have had, and draw useful conclusions from them for the future. And since you have more time, try to devote some of it to spiritual exercises that you were not free to practise during the rest of the year. Read books that nourish your inner life. Choose a few meaningful phrases, and repeat them until a spark flies from your soul and lights a fire of wisdom and love in your entire being.