Teaching (a spiritual)

Gives only light and methods

August 7th 2014
Let me clarify: a spiritual teaching gives you knowledge and methods; it uncovers unsuspected horizons, but it does not protect you from hardships. In life, whatever path we take, good or bad, we face difficulties. They may not be the same kind of difficulty, and more importantly our experience of them may be different, but we do not escape them. Weakness and vulnerability are the dangers that lie in wait for the followers of a spiritual teaching. Because they have chosen the path of light, they imagine they will go through life in the protection of powerful entities, safe from accidents, illness and the attacks of ill-intentioned people. So when they have to confront unexpected hardships, they do not know how to deal with them, and they collapse. From now on, everyone should know at the start that a spiritual teaching does not prepare a refuge for them, where they will be safe from life’s accidents, but, by giving light and methods, it does so much more. So use this light to light your way, and practise these methods: not only will you remain firm and unshakeable, whatever happens, but you will also be able to help those in turmoil.