Is found only at the summit, in god

August 8th 2014
Freedom can only be understood if we associate it with the notion of hierarchy. What freedom can anyone have if they are on the lowest rung of the ladder? Are stones free? Or plants? Or animals? Even most humans are not free: they are more or less subject to the control of other human beings or of entities from the invisible world, because in their inner life, in their psyche, they are way down in the hierarchy and are not the ones that make the decisions. Those who want to be free of their chains, whatever these may be, must make every effort to keep climbing higher. As they move closer and closer to the summit, to the Lord, they become free. For only the Lord is truly free. All other creatures live in some form of dependency, even the archangels: submerged as they are in the soul of the Lord, they depend upon him. They are free in the Lord’s freedom, but they are not free in relation to the Lord. Only the Lord is free, and if his creatures come closer to him, they are free in his freedom, but not otherwise.