Spirits (nature)

Inviting them to participate in the salvation of humanity

August 11th 2014
When you go out into nature, try to be aware of the presence of all the spirits that live there and that were there long before human beings appeared on earth. Speak to them, marvel at the work they achieve in lakes, rivers, forests, mountains, clouds, and so on. And also ask them to assist all human beings who are working for love, light and peace to reign at last on earth. Humans believe that, through political, economic and social action, they are the only ones able to play a part in how the world is run. No, in this living, conscious body – nature – to which we belong, there are a multitude of entities ready to contribute to the evolution of humanity. The four elements – earth, water, air and fire – have sworn before the Eternal to help those who are working to become creatures of peace, harmony and beauty. So wherever you go, remember to speak to all the spirits living in nature, even as far as the sun and the stars, and ask them to come and participate in the dawning of a new era.