Serve the lord, to

Should be the only request addressed to him

May 12th 2011
What is the main reason why humans address the Lord? To get him to arrange their affairs and fulfil their wishes. How long will they carry on behaving like demanding, capricious children? When will they understand that they ought, on the contrary, to be asking to accomplish his will, to serve him and take part in his work? Maybe the Lord also needs heads and arms… So, from now on these are the prayers you must address to him: ‘Lord, you have already given me everything and more; I ask nothing from you. I pray only that you allow me to serve you and take part in your work.’ What joy you will give the Lord and his angels when you do this! From among the multitudes of people asking for all of heaven to mobilize to satisfy their selfish needs, they will spot the signals you are sending them with your light, and they will say, ‘At last, here is someone who has understood; let us welcome them among us.’