Humiliating a human being

Offends god

August 12th 2014
To reject a human being, to scorn and humiliate them, is to declare that they are not one of God’s creatures. And no one has the right to declare or even think such a thing; no one has the right to place themselves between the heavenly Father and one of his creatures. If someone wilfully cuts themselves off from divine love, obviously they are free to do so, but no one else can cut them off; no one has the right to exclude them. Even the least evolved beings, even the most guilty, are sons and daughters of God. He has placed a spark in them – their spirit – which is an emanation of himself, and the presence of this spark means that they share something of his divine nature. When they make mistakes, they deserve of course to be reprimanded, penalized. But even if they need to be treated harshly and kept out of the way for a while, we should never forget that somewhere, buried deep down inside them, is a divine seed and that this divine seed must be respected and cultivated. When God’s children are subjected to humiliations, it is God himself who is insulted.