Three conditions for making the best ones

August 13th 2014
Worry, restlessness and distress create the very worst conditions for mental activity. This is why, when you have a problem to solve or an important decision to make, you should begin by calming down. Become still inside, and try to project yourself as high as possible inwardly, for that is where the light is. When you feel you have managed to reach a kind of peak, ask the question that is worrying you and wait… To begin with, the answer will come to you with more or less clarity; it may be no more than a vague impression that is difficult to interpret, but it will still be a clue. So don’t give up. Begin again as often as you need, asking the same question. Soon you will feel some clarity, some certainty, and then there will be no more doubt; you will know what you must do. Light in the mind, warmth in the heart and a free will: if you fulfil these three conditions, you will always find the best answer to the questions you ask yourself, and you will make the right decisions.