Gives life flavour, but criteria are needed

August 15th 2014
All human beings feel the need to admire something or someone, because admiration and wonder are feelings that give colour and flavour to their life; it’s as if they were being carried, nourished and strengthened. But they must also and above all learn to cultivate discernment. How? By marvelling at divine light, wisdom and love in particular, for then they will be able to marvel at human creatures, inasmuch as they express and reveal the Divine. That is the criterion you all need. Without it you run great risks. You will become attached to people who will have known how to seduce you but will bring you only troubles and unhappiness, and once you have been well and truly destroyed they will leave you and go in search of new victims. Unfortunately, this is how things happen in the world, when people do not know what they should appreciate and admire in others in order to remain in a state of wonder and joy.