Is not necessarily the best form of help

August 18th 2014
Someone who is going through difficulties comes to you to confide their sadness. But often they do so not so much for you to help them find a solution as to get you to share in their unhappiness. If that is the case, be careful! Because if you allow their sadness to overwhelm you, you will not help them; on the contrary, you will be paralysed, and you will sink with them. You think you will reassure them by being sympathetic and compassionate? Yes, for a time no doubt, but very soon the moaning and the tears begin again, and it can go on for ever. This person will be happy that you are always there, ready to listen, ready to suffer with them, but they won’t feel any better for it. And what state will you be in? If you want to be of use to someone who is suffering, do not let their sadness become yours. Only by offering a certain resistance to their suffering and despondency can you help them remedy the situation. Remain clear-headed, calm and firm, while affirming within you the power of the light.