Which we can find despite our mistakes

August 19th 2014
Whatever mistakes you may have made, nothing can stop you from finding the path of salvation if you really want to. You can even tell yourself that the heavenly entities have more faith in those who have made mistakes, realize they have and then make every effort to put them right, than in those who have never stumbled. Why? Because those who have not yet fallen do not think they need to take any precautions. They have no experience, so they are not yet robust, and they can wander off anywhere and get lost; they cannot be trusted. Those, on the other hand, who have known the ‘devil’s clutches’, who have suffered and resolve to find a way out, remain steadfast when they manage to do so, whatever the situation. All you need to remember of what I am telling you is that, whatever failures you experience, it is always possible to pick yourself up again. Do not conclude from this that you are allowed to lose your way as much as you like, all the better to find the right path again! In any case, everyone has already made enough mistakes: it is time to settle down.