That we receive and that we give

August 22nd 2014
Are you sometimes aware of being supported by benevolent entities from the invisible world? For the very fact that you can continue to breathe, eat, walk, work, even sleep, means that you are receiving support every minute of the day: not only are you carried and helped, you are also inspired to become the creator of your life. And you too support certain creatures in the world. You do not know them, and when they receive your help they do not know where it comes from, but it’s true. Each living being sends out waves, and when you nurture luminous thoughts and warm feelings inside, when you pray or meditate, you emit positive waves, which bring help and relief to creatures who are grief-stricken. Knowing this, how could you not find meaning in life and new reasons for being glad? Think about it. How encouraging it is for you to feel you are supported by thousands of beings of light and that you too can support other creatures!