Of art are not enough to fulfil the human soul

August 23rd 2014
Most people have the vague feeling that something inside them is crying out for a kind of nourishment that their daily activities alone cannot provide. This is why they read or go to the cinema, the theatre, a concert, museums, to find the nourishment they need. But they will always feel dissatisfied and empty if, at the same time, they do not also make the effort to seek it within on the summits of the soul and spirit. For even the greatest artists are limited in their means of expression; they cannot translate exactly what they see, hear or feel during their moments of inspiration. Masterpieces of art can bring you a great deal, but never forget that there are regions in your soul which will bring you very much more, if you are able to discover them. Cosmic Intelligence has placed in human beings the instinct that drives them to go always further and higher; it is what makes their character unique among living species. But only spiritual practice gives them the ability to rise above themselves and to contact these regions, which they vaguely sense are their true homeland.