Sky (starry)

Everything we receive when we gaze at it

August 25th 2014
When the night sky is clear, stop a moment and gaze at the stars. Imagine you are leaving the earth, its struggles and its tragedies behind and becoming a citizen of heaven. As you rise into space, you will sense your soul unfolding very subtle antennae, allowing it to communicate with the farthest regions. You will feel that the One who created so many worlds must have populated them with creatures that are wiser, more beautiful and more powerful than humans. For when we see humans arguing, squabbling and killing one another, how can we believe that the earth – a speck of dust in the vastness – is where the Creator placed the most perfect of his creatures? When you think that all these stars you are gazing at have existed for billions of years, that the Intelligence that created these worlds is eternal and that you were created in its image, you will feel that your spirit too is eternal.