Peace (making)

With all creatures before it is time to leave the earth

August 26th 2014
One day you will leave the earth, and it is important that you feel in harmony with all creatures when it is time to leave. If there are some you are in conflict with, do not allow this situation to continue, and try to make your peace with them too, otherwise it will be recorded within you as a debt to be paid. And don’t wait until the last moment. You will say there are people you will never be able to see again and others who will never agree to make peace with you. That may well be the case… But you can find these people in your imagination and make your peace with them in your heart and soul. Even if you are no longer capable of doing anything when death approaches, you can still have feelings of love and caring for all of creation, for those who are with you and for those you have known. Those who love master death.