A quality of spiritual people

August 28th 2014
Disciples of a spiritual teaching must avoid the traps of vanity and affected humility, which is really another form of vanity. Truly spiritual people always behave with naturalness and simplicity. They do not have to attract attention by behaving in any particular way or putting on mysterious or inspired airs. You will say, ‘So we mustn’t show what we are working towards then?’ No, absolutely not, because there is nothing to show. When you seek to acquire true spiritual riches, others will eventually be able to sense them. Because of the inner work you have carried out, your facial features, bearing and gestures will gradually speak in your favour. You will always find opportunities to demonstrate your qualities, and others will notice them without your having to do anything to call attention to them. Let your inner work speak for you: even without realising it, this work will be your witness.