Anarchy, inner

Illusion of being one’s own master

May 14th 2011
People say, ‘I am my own master; no one has the right to impose their will on me.’ Poor things, are they really in control? (When I say ‘they’, I am referring to their divine self.) Well, no, you can’t be certain. Others have taken their place – chaotic, dark forces, passions they allow to rage within. Meanwhile, their true self is like a prisoner cooped up in some dungeon, fed on crusts of bread and a little water. They suffer and are miserable. So many people think themselves free and powerful! And maybe for a while at least they succeed in imposing themselves on those around them, or even on a whole country, but their freedom and their power are only apparent ones. Inside them there is anarchy, and this inner anarchy is much more serious and dangerous than political or social anarchy. Prisons, clinics and psychiatric hospitals are full of it. How long will this go on? Until those who are conscious and vigilant are able to restore the divine principle as their inner authority.