Sublimation of sexual force

From yesod to kether

September 2nd 2014
The process of sublimation of sexual force can be represented by several symbolic forms. Let us take the sephirotic Tree, for example. Placed along the central pillar, which can be likened to the spinal column, are, starting at the bottom, the sephiroth Yesod, Tiphareth and Kether. In human beings the genital organs are linked to Yesod, the heart and the solar plexus to Tiphareth, and the head to Kether. Symbolically, the path of sexual energy must go from Yesod to Kether, passing through Tiphareth. The holiness of Kether, the crowned head, at the very top of the central pillar, has its origin in the purity of Yesod, the sexual organs. So the holiness of Kether is the expression of sexual energy that has been sublimated thanks to the powers of Tiphareth, the Sun. Initiates are able to change the direction of this current of physical energies, which always naturally tends to draw the awareness of humans downwards. They work on this quintessence until they transform it into light, and when it reaches the top it shines above their head like a crown of gold.