Anarchy (inner)

Or the illusion of being one’s own master

September 5th 2014
Some people boast, ‘No one has the right to impose their will on me. I am my own master.’ The poor things – they ought to start by asking themselves whether they are really the ones in control of their life! And by that I mean: is their true self, the divine self, in control? The reality is that many others have taken its place – chaotic, dark forces and passions they have allowed to run wild inside them. During this time, their true self is held prisoner somewhere in a tiny dungeon, where it is fed on a few crusts of bread and a little water. So what is this freedom and power they are talking about? So many people think they are free and powerful! Even supposing they do manage to impose themselves at least for a while on those around them, or even on a whole country, their freedom and their power are only a façade, for within them anarchy reigns. And this inner anarchy is the cause of all political or social disorder – it is what fills prisons, clinics and psychiatric hospitals. For how long? Until those who are aware and vigilant succeed in restoring the authority of the divine Principle within themselves.