Work (spiritual)

Means trying to contact our inner sun in order to merge with it

September 9th 2014
Would you like a definition of spiritual work? It is very simple. It consists in mobilizing your thoughts, your desires and even all the tendencies of your lower nature for the fulfilment of a higher ideal. And the sun can help you to carry out this work of unification and harmonization. As you watch it rising in the morning, imagine your consciousness drawing closer to your own sun – your spirit, your higher self – and merging with it. When you have successfully pacified and unified all the contrary forces tugging at you and directed them all toward a single, luminous, divine purpose, you will become such a powerful source that you will be able to radiate throughout space like the sun. Those who succeed in mastering their lower nature see the horizon before them become clearer day by day. Now that they are no longer in the clutches of their old demons, they are free to expand their field of consciousness to the whole human race. And then, like the sun, they send out the light and love with which they are overflowing. But before they can shine out, they must learn to concentrate all the powers of their being to send them in one single direction.