Power (true)

Is acquired thanks to continual small efforts

September 12th 2014
The power of human beings lies in making continual small efforts every day. Unfortunately, this is where they often give in. From time to time they are able to surpass themselves and achieve something great. But to conquer inertia and laziness every day, to be vigilant and exercise self-control… how difficult that is! And yet that is where true power lies – in tenacity. Nothing can stand in the way of someone who is unstoppable, for they activate powerful laws, before which obstacles finally give way. So many of you concentrate all your energies on a moment’s effort! If you do not succeed, you give up, and this is why you remain weak. True power is acquired at the cost of small renewed efforts. In learning to work all the time, you will manage to find a suitable rhythm that will help you gain ground little by little. And then you will see how much energy you will receive to carry on your work!