The kind that people have determines their destiny

September 15th 2014
Since humans appeared on the earth, they have continuously had new needs. This is obviously a sign of evolution: as and when new needs arise, so society changes, becoming more wealthy and creative. However, it would be useful to stop for a moment and think about the nature of these needs. For the greed and voraciousness that spur so many people to seek satisfaction on the material plane while polluting and devastating the planet are driving humanity to disaster. If only they would ask themselves what this inner voice is that demands ease, comfort and pleasures, they would realize it is the voice of their lower nature, which is selfish, temperamental and cruel. Human destiny is determined by the quality of people’s needs; if they persist in seeking to satisfy them on the physical plane it means they have never tried to explore their spiritual wealth. The day they understand that the Creator has placed, at a subtle level within them, the equivalent of everything that can be found outside them, they will learn how to nourish themselves with the wealth of the spirit. And then not only will they no longer harm nature or other people, but everything they achieve on the physical plane from then on will be marked with the seal of the spirit.