Reality and illusion

September 17th 2014
You own an object, but it does not mean it truly belongs to you just because it is in your possession. It belongs to you only if it inspires you, if you feel an inner joy and light because of it. Then, even if it is not really yours, it belongs to you. In this way, the whole of creation – mountains, seas, the sun and the stars – can belong to you. Yes, if you marvel at them, if you love them, if your heart and soul are full of gratitude for their Creator, they are yours and no one can take them from you. So from now on you must adopt this point of view if you want to understand what is yours and what is not yours. A man is married, and because he can impose on his wife – make her do this, forbid her to do that – he imagines she belongs to him. Well, no, that is an illusion. But if he is in awe of her, if he considers her to be a precious creature, an aspect of the divine Mother, then yes she does belong to him, even if he allows her the greatest freedom, and even if he does not touch her. People believe that in order to possess something or someone, they must hold them in their hands. No, unfortunately, it is often what they hold onto most that belongs to them least.