Problems (psychological)

Spiritual practice does not resolve them immediately, but perseverance is necessary

September 20th 2014
Those who decide to follow a spiritual teaching should not expect their inner problems to be solved very rapidly. There is nothing harder than introducing order and light into one’s psychic world. They may even begin to feel even more vulnerable than before. Why? Because the new life they are trying to open up to consists first and foremost of a thorough inner clearing and cleaning. And then, what a commotion, and what a shock it is! Though it is good that they decide to give their life a better direction, they must also be aware of the inner upheaval that this decision will initially cause. Otherwise, not understanding what is happening to them, they will return to their old habits and then have to start all over again. To be able to deal with your psychological problems, you must give yourself something specific to do and have a programme to carry out. That takes time, it’s true. But as soon as you decide on what you want to achieve, a trace of it at least is engraved somewhere, and the forces of your subconscious begin to circulate within the channels you have dug. When rain falls, the water follows the very furrows that have been created. So you must therefore prepare channels within you to allow the new life to circulate.