Cells of the body

Educating them

September 21st 2014
You can all be enthusiastic when you discover a spiritual truth, and you are sincere when you say that from then on you want to live in harmony with it. But this enthusiasm can very quickly subside. Why? Because you have not yet learned to impose yourself on your inner population, on the inhabitants of the billions of cells that make up your body. They are not all convinced: this light you have just received and the good decision you have just taken have only succeeded in touching some of them. The others turn a deaf ear and refuse to allow their habits to be disturbed. They resist, and as there are many more of them, they gain the upper hand. It is difficult to train this entire inner population, but this is the very basis of spiritual work: to try to go deeply enough inside ourselves and gradually create a relationship in our mind with all the cells of our organs, so that we can educate them. Little by little they become more receptive and agree to support us on the path of light.