Or how to nourish oneself on a physical and psychic level

September 26th 2014
Even if one day all armies and guns were abolished, the following day humans would invent other ways of making war. You cannot establish peace by removing someone or something externally. Peace is first and foremost an inner state, and human beings must begin by removing the causes of war in themselves. As long as they harbour discontent, rebellion, envy and the desire to possess more and more, whatever they do, not only will they keep the seeds of disorder within them alive, but they will sow these seeds all around them. Those who eat and drink indiscriminately allow certain harmful elements into their body which make them ill. And then what peace can they have when they have wreaked havoc in their body? It is the same law on the psychic level: if they swallow just any old thought or feeling they become ill. So peace is also the result of knowledge about what kind of food people nourish themselves with on the psychic level. Peace can find a home only in those who strive to nourish themselves with right thoughts and generous feelings. These people alone can bring peace to those around them: from every cell of their body, and from every particle of their physical and their psychic being, there emanates a harmony that infuses even the smallest acts of their daily life.