Activities (artistic)

And spiritual work

September 28th 2014
From the point of view of Initiatic Science, a true artist is one who longs for the beauty and harmony of creation to flow and be reflected through them. The true work of creation is therefore spiritual work; a spiritual person, by trying to project their thinking as high as possible, gradually discovers an order, a structure, and they capture particles of light, which then enter the substance of their psychic bodies and their physical body too. So know that, even if nature has not favoured you with artistic gifts, inwardly you have every possibility of finding material in yourself for the most beautiful creations. In the psychic world you can be a musician, a poet, an architect, a sculptor. The work of a spiritual person comprises all the arts. Even dance. If you pay attention and think about what you are doing, you will find that how you walk and any movements you make of a simple, sparing nature become infused with a suppleness and grace similar to dance, and you feel light and in harmony with all the creatures living in the universe.