Collectivity (cosmic)

Working for it enriches us

September 29th 2014
Like stones, plants and animals, human beings are part of the universe. But, as thinking beings, they have a particular role to play in it: they must take part in building the structure of collective life. When people work only for themselves, nothing good can come of it. Someone will say, ‘But how is that? It’s by working for myself that I gain something!’ No, because this ‘self’ to which they devote all their efforts, this selfish ego, which is separate from others, is an abyss, and by concentrating only on their own interests, they do not realize they are throwing all their wealth into this abyss. They think they are gaining something, when in fact they are losing something. It is rare to find humans who are aware of all they could gain by working for the collectivity. And by ‘collectivity’, I don’t just mean the human collectivity but all the creatures in the universe including God himself. So that even the most hardened materialists can understand me, I’ll put it this way: think of the cosmic collectivity, this vastness that we must work for, as being like a bank, where we deposit capital; everything we do for it will be returned to us with interest.