A living, conscious, active spirit

October 1st 2014
Each morning the rising sun brings light to landscapes, beings and things, and for most people the landscapes, beings and things are of greater importance than the light that makes them visible. But one day they will change their minds: they will understand that light is a living, conscious, active spirit. You will say, ‘How can it be a spirit? Sunshine is a physical phenomenon that has been extensively studied.’ Yes, but in reality sunlight is a physical manifestation of the cosmic Spirit, which created the universe. The universe was created by light. True light is a spirit, the spirit of God himself. It created life and sustains life – physical as well as spiritual life. The more that people receive and absorb this light, the more their soul and spirit manifest as intelligence, love and power. This is why, when we use the word ‘light’, we see it in its spiritual dimension. When we say someone has light, it means that the spirit is manifesting in them.