Thoughts and feelings

We cannot foresee how they will influence others in the world

October 2nd 2014
Suppose someone considers a particular person to be their enemy and often tells themselves it would be convenient if that person disappeared: at last, no more worries! Obviously, they wouldn’t go as far as killing them – it’s not that easy to decide to commit murder. But they think about their death and wish for it to happen… Well, they need to know that if they remain in this state of mind, they may become responsible for another person’s death somewhere else. For these thoughts, feelings and wishes are living entities that circulate in the world, influencing other people of the same frame of mind who would also really like to get rid of an enemy. If their wish for revenge is stronger, or if they are unable to resist their criminal instincts, one day under the influence of something they do not understand – an impulse, an energy that carries them away – they will commit murder. We do not know what becomes of our states of consciousness across space, but one day when we return to the other world we will be shown the consequences of our thoughts, feelings and desires. And then certain people who believed themselves beyond reproach may be horrified to see they have been the cause of great tragedies.